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The mission of the Raleigh Historic Development Commission is to identify, preserve, protect, and promote Raleigh’s historic resources.

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January 10


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RHDC Committees

Executive Committee

  • Coordinates the work of its standing committees (see below)
  • Guides the Commission on budgets and major financial commitments
  • Assists Commission in setting staff’s work program, goals, and priorities

Standing Committees

Certificate of Appropriateness (COA) Committee

  • Reviews COA applications
  • Issues COAs
  • Inspects properties per the demolition-by-neglect ordinance

Community Awareness Committee

  • Guides the development and distribution of RHDC publications
  • Provides public education on Raleigh’s Historic Landmarks, Historic Overlay Districts, and historic preservation in general
  • Guides the Commission’s collaboration with federal, state, and local Governmental bodies
  • Advises Commission about existing and proposed legislation affecting Historic resources

Nominations Committee

  • Prepares an annual slate of potential Commission officers
  • Guides the Commission in making nominations to the City Council for new appointments and re‐appointments to the Commission

Research Committee

  • Researches the historic significance of local properties
  • Guides the Commission in the designation of appropriate properties as Raleigh Historic Landmarks or Historic Overlay Districts


The Commission may authorize the chair to create committees as needed.

Raleigh Historic Landmarks (RHLs)

On October 3, Raleigh City Council adopted ordinances for 4 new Raleigh Historic Landmarks. READ MORE

Historic Overlay Districts (HODs)

Oberlin Village is being considered as a General Historic Overlay District (HOD-G).  READ MORE



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Certificates of Appropriateness (COAs)

Deadline dates for the 2017 COA meetings have changed!  The revised schedule and deadlines document has been posted here.