Our Mission

The mission of the Raleigh Historic Development Commission is to identify, preserve, protect, and promote Raleigh’s historic resources.

Local Historic District Identifier

Determine If Your Property Is Located In A Local Historic District

Wake County and the City of Raleigh's Online Mapping Service iMAPS  is a quick way to determine if your property is located in a local historic district:


  1. In the right panel select the Search tab.
  2. Begin typing your address in the space provided. It should display possibilities up as you type. Click on the correct address - the search should automatically begin. If not, press "enter" to search.
  3. When you are able to view your property, click on the "Layers" tab at the bottom of the right panel.
  4. Scroll down and turn on "Overlay Districts."  Make sure that the "General Historic Overlay District" and "Streetside Historic Overlay District" layers are turned on. Properties within a district will now be covered in a hatched layer. 
  5. To identify Raleigh Historic Landmarks scroll down and turn on "Raleigh Historic Landmarks."

The City of Raleigh has additional guidance on using iMaps here.


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