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The mission of the Raleigh Historic Development Commission is to identify, preserve, protect, and promote Raleigh’s historic resources.

Demolition by Neglect

Alternatives to Demolition by Neglect

Raleigh Historic Development Commission (RHDC) and the City of Raleigh Department of Housing & Neighborhoods work together to preserve the city's history and public welfare. 

The Code Enforcement division implements specific Demolition by Neglect Procedures to evaluate deteriorating designated historic resources. Applicable standards for the determination of demolition by neglect are outlined in Raleigh's Unified Development Ordinance Article 11.8. Procedures for such determination include a public hearing, which provides the owners and/or parties in interest the opportunity to petition the RHDC for a claim of undue economic hardship. In addition, the Code Enforcement division may issue an order to repair the property within a specified time, if such an order is warranted.

The City of Raleigh is committed to preserving its historic character while improving the living conditions for its citizens. The RHDC and the city's Department of Housing and Neighborhoods work in collaboration with property owners and/or parties in interest to simultaneously preserve historically-contributing properties and the safety of the public.

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Neighborhood Watch

A deteriorating house is noticed first by its neighbors. Members of the community may be proactive in neighborhood preservation through their community associations. The City has specific procedures for citizens who want to prevent demolition by neglect.

Saved Through Demolition by Neglect Procedures

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